Pressure treatment is carried out with Tanalith E preservative, which contains copper and organic biocides. This impregnator is applied in highpressure industrial process, in which timber gains natural light green tint. Over time the timber changes color and becomes honey-brown color, until finally it becomes naturally grayish in color.

Tanalith E ensures, that timber acquires high resistance to humidity, sunlight, rot and bacteria. This preservative is used worldwide for about 20 years, so it has proved its effectiveness, longevity and benefits. It is important to mention that described preservative complies with EU directive no. 2006/139/EC. This means that it does not contain any forbidden compounds (of chromium, copper, arsenic), and that it meets the environmental and health requirements.

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About Us

“General Wood Group” is based in Lithuania. Main company activities are based on export of

sawn pallet timber, softwood logs and construction timber.

We are very passionate about wood and opportunity to offer our Client wide assortment of:

  • Elements for pallets
  • Construction timber
  • Raw / round log wood material

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