J.S.C "General Wood Group"

H.Manto 11, VC "VAIVA" LT-92130 Klaipėda, Lithuania

Company code: 302710596

VAT: LT100006598412

E-mail: info@gwg.lt

Phone Num: 0037065599233

Contact Us

J.S.C „General Wood Group”

H.Manto 11 – 14, VC „VAIVA”

LT-92130 Klaipėda, Lithuania

E-mail: info@gwg.lt

Phone Num: 0037065599233

About Us

“General Wood Group” is based in Lithuania. Main company activities are based on export of

sawn pallet timber, softwood logs and construction timber.

We are very passionate about wood and opportunity to offer our Client wide assortment of:

  • Elements for pallets
  • Tanalith E treated wood
  • Lumber
  • S4S Material

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